Do Tell: What skill do you wish you had?


I think we can all say that there are people we admire for their various abilities whether that means having a great singing voice, athletic prowess, innate style, an ability to not care what others think of them, or even mathematical genius. There are many skills that I would love to add to my repertoire. I love to sing, but usually only do so when I’m alone in order to spare others of my off-key voice. My poor pup, Tate isn’t quite so lucky and I sing to him a lot throughout the day. I also love to take photos, but I am a complete amateur. We purchased a DSLR, the Canon Rebel Xsi, to be exact, last year, but I am yet to learn how to use it. The more I work on photo shoots for High Gloss, the more fascinated I become with photography and yearn to kick my photography skills up a notch. I would also LOVE to learn graphic design. This might have a little to do with the fact that I horde stationery like nobody’s business, but I would love to learn my way around PhotoShop and InDesign and create cool graphics for my blog. I realize that these skills can be learned. All I have to do is find the time to do so!

So, do tell, what skills do you wish you had?


{Image Credit: Garance Doré}

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