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Anne Sage is best known for her celebrated blog, The City Sage which covers everything from interior design and fashion to food and art. She is a fiercely talented writer and has a sense of style that is all her own, which I would describe as quirky chic. Anne’s most recent project was the co-founding of Rue Magazine, where she serves as Executive Editor. Whether she is styling, writing, or conceptualizing a shoot for Rue, Anne applies her charm and stylish sensibility to everything she creates.


Name: Anne Sage

Occupation: Stylist, Writer, Executive Editor and Co-Founder of Rue Magazine

Current City: San Francisco, CA


LDV: What inspired you to begin your career in editorial and lifestyle blogging?

AS: I've been obsessed with magazines, writing and journalism since I was a kid. I even started a nature club in my neighborhood simply for the excuse of making the club newsletter. I worked in brand planning and consumer strategy after college and though I liked it a lot, I needed a more creative outlet so I started The City Sage. Of course, the rest was history!


{Anne with her friend and colleague, Bri Emery at the Ace Palm Springs Halloween Bash}

LDV: What do you love most about it? What is the most challenging aspect?

AS: I most love connecting with all the incredibly talented and creative colleagues I'm fortunate to have. Getting together in once place and watching the magic happen is what life is all about! The pace gets to me lately. Life has been non-stop for about 9 months and shows no sign of slowing down. There are some days when the thought of writing another email makes me want to chuck my laptop out the window!


LDV: Where do you find inspiration?

AS: I'm a huge history nerd, so I find a lot of inspiration in the annals of time. Everything from museums--the American wing at the Met in New York occupies a particular spot in my heart--to my own daydreams and musings as I drive through California and imagine the lives of the pioneers who settled the state. I read a lot too, historical fiction mostly, so that feeds the fires of my imagination as well.

anne sage style icons

LDV: Who are some of your personal style icons?

AS: Katharine Hepburn circa 1940, Allie MacGraw circa 1970, Betty circa now.

Nickey kehoe interior design summer ruffalo domino 2

{Image Source}

LDV: How would you describe your own style?

AS: Timeless with an edge. I love a crisp white shirt with unexpected proportions; tall ceilings and elaborate moldings paired with an ultra-modern pendant lamp; a classic red lip offset by the geeky appeal of giant horn-rimmed glasses.


{Image from a Shoot with Jamie Beck that Anne Recently Styled}

LDV: What is the trait you most admire in a person?

AS: Unabashed and unrestrained authenticity. Give me your whole self and nothing less. I promise to do the same.

ELLE_DECOR_2010-11 d

{Image Credit: ELLE DÉCOR, November 2010}

LDV: What is your principal weakness?

AS: I'm a black-and-white thinker. I do things 'perfectly' or not at all. As you might imagine, this causes me a lot of trouble, because a) nothing is every truly perfect and b) a girl can go crazy trying to prove otherwise!
Diane von furstenburg house interior design 3

{Image Source}

LDV: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

AS: An old friend told me before I went to college that it was okay if I didn't like it. And guess what? I didn't like it! But I got through it. And her words return to me every time I find myself faced with something I don't like but that I have to do. It's okay not to love every moment of every day; just keep the end goal in mind and even the crummiest task becomes doable.

LDV: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

AS: Definitely, without question, Rue Magazine is my greatest achievement. If you told me one year ago that I'd be the co-founder of a magazine, I'd have called you crazy! But I poured my heart and soul into it and behold! It's alive! And the fact that I did it with Crystal--one of the most wonderful humans on the planet--only makes the accomplishment that much sweeter.

{Anne and Friends After Wrapping a Recent Shoot for Rue in Palm Springs

Image by Feather Love Photography}

LDV: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

AS: Surrounding myself with good friends, working together and playing together and having so much fun doing both that you're not sure where one ends and the other begins. Oh yeah, and a snuggle session with my cats.



kari herer peonies
Peonies. Always peonies. The smell that takes over a room, the way the petals unfurl as the blossoms age, the range of colors that even a single bloom can contain: peonies are angels in flower form!

Food: If we're talking treats, I have a love/hate relationship with ice cream. It's so tasty but it makes my tummy hurt every time! In the healthy department, I'm kind of obsessed with Perfect Foods Bars. The peanut butter cranberry flavor is the tastiest combo since, like, ever.

Drink: Coffee. My Starbucks drink is a quintuple venti americano with one pump of white mocha. I go to bed looking forward to the moment the next morning when I can take my first sip!

Thing to Wear: Right now I am living in the Blue Life Lace Hoody that I got from Planet Blue. It's chic enough to wear with slim pants and heels for a business lunch, casual enough to throw on over your bikini when you take a vacation, and cozy enough to pair with sweats for a night in. The ultimate multi-tasker!

{An Iconic Slim Aarons Photograph set in Palm Springs}

Destination: I recently enjoyed my first stay at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, and I'm counting the days 'til I can go back. It's a desert haven of lo-fi cool. Fortunately Rue will have a presence at the Hitched Event at the Ace, so there's not much time at all until I can reprise my visit!

Season: Spring! The sun returns and with it comes new energy and the feeling that anything is possible.

Meal: Homemade pasta with sauteed fresh tomatoes and basil. Roasted broccoli on the side. I could eat that meal every day for the rest of my life!

Musician: Goodness, gracious, I have so many favorite musicians! All-time tops include Paul Simon and Dolly Parton. But I love finding under-the-radar stuff too; I recently learned of a San Francisco-based band called The Rhombus and have had them on repeat ever since.


Artist: Marc Chagall has captivated me since I was a teenager. The romance, the color, the energy of his work holds my attention like no other.

Film: I'm embarassed to say that I've lost my attention span for anything longer than 50 minutes; it's been months since I stayed awake through an entire movie. (Thanks a lot, internet!) However I do seem to recall having a serious affinity for Mary Poppins.

Television Show: I'm a sucker for anything British. Currently burning in my brain is a series entitled 'Misfits'. I won't even tell you what it's about. I'll just tell you to watch it and thank me later.

Book: Heyday. A hilarious and heartwarming romp through the year 1848. Makes me want to build a time machine and travel back to join the fun!

{Stacks and Stacks of Cashmere via}

Magazines: The usual suspects: Martha Stewart Living, InStyle, Lucky, Allure, Self, Shape, Women's Health, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Elle Decoration UK, Inside Out, Vogue Living Australia, GQ. If it's glossy and pretty, I'll read it.

Blogs: Impossible to pick a favorite, so I won't even try.

Texture: Cashmere. I want to swim in a cashmere ocean, bathe in a cashmere sea. Sweaters by Feel the Piece will do in a pinch.

Fabric or Pattern: Stripes and leopard. Separately they rock the party. Together they blow the party into the stratosphere. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Color: The soft pink hue of the inside of my kitten's ear.

Scent: Tom Ford White Patchouli. A little bit hippie, a little bit glam, and smells different on everyone. I love to catch a whiff of it on my scarf or in my hair when the wind blows.

Extravagance: Monthly facials with Polina at Flying Beauticians. I hate to wear make-up and would much rather take great care of my skin so that I don't need any extra goop!

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