Guest Post: Bailey of Peppermint Bliss shares a Before and After

I am so flattered that Paloma invited me to do this guest blog of my latest clients Before and Afters. I tried to hustle my bustle to get it done in time, and while I still think it looks pretty darn good, I must warn you we are still missing a few key elements. Anyway, I hope you like it!

I recently branched out from just blogging about my love of design, and started my own decorating business! My clients for this space are an adorable couple who own a catering company called Truffleberry Market in Chicago.


Brittany and Vaido recently renovated a 1000 square foot chefs kitchen in a nearby business park, with an office and a small dining room for tastings in the front.

We had a few particularly unusual challenges, it being an office park and all- and a host of requirements for the function as well. Above everything though, my clients wanted it to reflect them, and their brand, while still being pure enough so that the food took center stage.


(The main inspiration for the space was their company logo)

The Office:

Brittany and Vaido needed their own desk space, lots of storage, and a couch so that they could take a nap during their many late nights in the kitchen.

Before: Standard office fare. Bad vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, soul crushing depression.



My main priority for the space was addressing the flooring and the ceiling. We didn't want their clients to come in for a tasting and feel like they were in The Office. I felt that no matter how much fabulous furniture and fabric we crammed in there, if there were vinyl floors and acoustic ceiling tiles, it was just going to feel duller than Droopy Dog.


For the floors we chose a really good lookin' dark wood laminate, which was cost effective and also really easy to clean. I built the desk using Pottery Barn files, and a large piece of custom cut mdf that we covered in stainless steel. The chairs are ZGallerie, and accessories from Container Store.


The ever popular Expedit Bookshelf from Ikea provides tons of needed storage Brittany and Vaido.


Pillows and curtains to come in the room will be this Tilbury Lapis from Calico Corners...Rawr.

This couch, also from Ikea, was a friggin' steal-and is the perfect size for some mid-work shuteye. Although it desperately needs the pillows I have in the works, and the fab gallery wall that will shortly be going in behind it.

Through that doorway you can catch a glimpse of...


The Dining Room:

The dining room needed to function as sort of an entryway, and dining area for Truffleberry Clients who were coming by for a tasting.


Again, the space before, soul crushingly drab. Bad carpet, harsh lighting, and acoustic ceiling tiles.

Much improved with the dark wood laminate floors, faux tin ceiling panel inserts, and chandelier!


The wall just to the right of the door is to be setup as the entryway.

diningfabric2[1] The two armchairs (upholstered in this Osbourne & Little fabric) will serve as seating for when clients first enter and are waiting for Brittany and Vaido. They can also be pulled up to the table should Brittany and Vaido ever have more than four people at a tasting.


The curtains for the windows (which we are still waiting on- SERENITY NOW) will be in this stunning, hand painted, Osbourne & Little silk.


I wanted them to have some sort of console to further designate the entryway, so that they could use it as a buffet, a place to display their portfolio, or as a bar for the extra fun clients! I found this piece at a junk shop in Chicago for $100 bones and...



I found an old, brass, trophy on Etsy that they can use as a champagne bucket, or as a vase (shown here).


I styled it as a bar for them, included the citrine leather album for their portfolio, and a guest book.

Again, the space is still missing the two armchairs next to the console, and the curtains, but I am really thrilled with how it turned out! I love the surprise factor when people walk in from this outside:


Expecting to see this (The Before):


And instead are greeted with this fresh space that I think really suits my clients!



Thank you again, Paloma, for having me! I am honored to debut my design work on the internets through your lovely blog. And for any of you captivated and in suspense waiting to see how Truffleberry Market looks with curtains, all polished up and ready for Sunday dinner, stay tuned over at Peppermint Bliss!

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