Love it or Leave it: All-Over Pattern

sherrill canet

It’s no secret that I absolutely love pattern. I have used it in many places in my home, but I always use it as an accent to a neutral base. While browsing through Sherrill Canet’s portfolio, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that she has an unabashed penchant for all-over pattern. She layers similar patterns on top of one another and uses them as the foundation for a space rather than as an accent. While this approach could look terribly bad if used by someone of lesser talent, Sherrill pulls off the look with panache, creating bold, glamorous spaces.

sherill canet

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a little bit of pattern or do you like to see it used in a big way?

sherrill canet3

Do you combine patterns with bold colors like this? How many different patterns would you mix in one space? Do tell… do you love the all-over pattern look or would you skip it in favor of using a little pattern with more restraint?

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