Fabulous Room Friday 09.02.11

I love the soft, feminine quality of this serene bedroom by Timothy Whealon. The white and grey color palette is soothing while the warmth from the natural light adds to the softness of the overall look. The beautiful upholstered bed and Louis VIX style bench are a lovely contrast to the Lucite chair by the window, geometric table to the right of it, and the Massimo Vitali photograph. The juxtaposition of styles works perfectly in this space. While I am not usually a fan of Flokati rugs or shag carpeting, I think the look works really well in this space. It adds texture and adds to the soft quality of the room.

The sitting area in the bedroom is just as lovely. I love the clean, simple lines of the mirror, bookshelf and Lucite coffee table. I also like that Whealon used the same fabric from the upholstered bed on these two chairs. The styling is clean and simple, yet interesting. It’s the perfect room to kick off the weekend as it really inspires relaxation.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


{Images via Timothy Whealon, Inc.}

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