Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal!


{Iomoi Lucite Tray in Coakley Cay, Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glasses from Furbish, Sferra Cocktail Napkins, Serving Bowl lined in Gold Leaf made by my Crafty Husband}

It’s been quite a while since I asked for your help in selecting a paint color for our kitchen cabinets and it’s been an even longer time coming for us to finally do this kitchen makeover. We started out with maple cabinets and 16” tile backsplash that matched our flooring and left something to be desired. After years of blogging, I longed for a classic kitchen with white cabinets and white subway tile backsplash. After testing some colors out, we decided that a pure white shade would look a little too stark and clinical in our kitchen because we don’t get enough natural light in that part of the house. We wanted something slightly warmer and decided to venture into greige territory.



{At this stage, the cabinets were in their original state, but we had already had the subway tile backsplash installed.}



{This is during the color selection process. Initially, we thought Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray would be too similar to our wall color and despite the fact that most of you had voted for it, we ruled it out. We really liked the other grey tones we tested, but some were too mauve, others too green, and some were just too dark.}



{What a difference a coat of paint makes! In the end, we decided on Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Grey despite our initial concerns. It turns out that the difference is quite noticeable and the shade is just perfect. Not stark white, not full on, cool grey, but a warm, creamy ultra light grey. My husband decided to tackle the project himself and spent at least a week prepping and painting. He sanded everything down, prepped the cabinets, made a perimeter around the kitchen and sprayed, sprayed, sprayed. He’s the best!}


{I love the clean, classic look now.}


{Sharkey Gray might just be the perfect “greige”. It has a hint of gray blended with some creaminess for the perfect, warm hue of light gray.}


{We also installed a new faucet, which I really like. Our old backsplash was made using the floor tiles you see here, laid out in a diagonal pattern. Next year, we’re thinking we’ll finally pull the trigger on wood floors.}


{Tate Peeking Out from Behind the Refrigerator}


{Our improvement projects spilled over into our breakfast nook. Fabian built some pelmet boxes for me and we installed the fabulous Extra Large Hicks Pendant by Thomas O’Brien from Circa Lighting.}


{We’re pretty happy how the project turned out and we’re so thankful that you all steered us in the direction of Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Grey!}

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