Do Tell: What type of home elevation is your favorite?

{I have been obsessed with designer, Yael Aflalo’s Commune-designed Hollywood home since I first laid eyes on it in Domino a few years ago.}

When thinking about my dream home, I often ponder the exterior as much as I do the interior. I like so many different styles of architecture that I’m not always sure what I would build or buy given the opportunity and means to purchase the home of my dreams. The more that I think about it, though, I tend to gravitate for homes with classic, traditional elevations with a twist of some sort. Yael Aflalo’s home (pictured directly above and below) is pretty much the embodiment of my style in a home elevation. I love darker colors, crisp, clean lines, and traditional touches with a dose of glamour. This home has it all in spades. While this particular home may be at the top of my list, I am always coming across homes that I find beautiful. And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t turn any of the houses in this post down. I’d love to hear more about the types of architecture you love most. Do tell, what type of home elevation is your favorite?


{I love every detail of this home. It’s perfectly manicured.}

facade house beautiful

{Miles Redd’s New York Townhouse stands out from the crowd in this lovely, pale blue hue. I love that the home seems to have a sense of humor.}

{This historic, classic home gets a bit of an update with a bright, lime green door.}


{This home is absolutely classic and elegant. This type of architecture lends itself to so many types of design for the interior. Plus, it looks like the walls would have some really great stories to tell if only they could talk.}

{Next to the very first house in this post, this would be my absolute dream home. I love the idea of a formal, traditional exterior with a glamorous, modern interior.}

{This home is magnificent! Ok, add this one to my list and I have my official Top 3.}


{Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Architecture}

{Clean Lines and Modern Grandeur in Ibiza}

{Serene Setting}


{Tia Zoldan’s Charming, English-Style Cottage}

{I get the feeling this home could just as likely be in the French countryside as it could be in Atlanta’s tony Buckhead neighborhood.}

{I do love Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean-style homes when they’re done well and look authentic. I am not a fan of the loosely interpreted, faux Mediterranean McMansions that run rampant nowadays.}


{This Nantucket home looks so warm and welcoming!}

{A Classic Dutch Colonial with Dark Shingle Siding}

{I’m guessing this one is near a Southern coastline. I love the porch!}


I am by no means an expert in architecture, so if I’ve classified anything as the wrong style, please let me know. I generally used terms for overall styles rather than using specific, architectural terminology, but I welcome the opportunity to learn something new. While you’re at it, be sure to let me know what your favorite style is or if any of these particular houses strike your fancy.


{Images via Pinterest}

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