Love it or Leave it: Marbleous!

{A Stunning, Marble-Filled Bathroom}

Carrera and Calcutta Gold marble have become staples of great design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. While these materials have been around forever, they’ve really become “must-haves” in high-end design over the past ten years. Countless kitchens have been converted from dark, stained cabinets and granite countertops to airy white cabinetry paired with white marble. Carrera tends to have strictly grey veins while Calcutta Gold often features warmer-hued veins, but they are fairly similar. While I love the look and do consider it to be classic, I can’t help but wonder if the look will eventually look “so 2006”.

What is your stance on white marble? Is it a classic that will never go out of style or are you ready to see something different in kitchen and bath design? If you’ve grown tired of it, what would you like to see in place of white marble?

{Beautiful, Modern Waterfall Island}

{Classic White Kitchen}

{Gorgeous, Herringbone Marble Floors}

{How decadent is this marble trim? I mean…}


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