Fabulous Room Friday 06.03.11

This week, I am absolutely loving the elegant simplicity of this room in designer, Chloe Warner’s San Francisco home (thanks for the source, Courtney!). In my opinion, it is the perfect room for the beginning of summer. The neutral color palette of white and tan creates an ideal backdrop for the lovely Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Quadrille pillows. The windows beckon a million possibilities, which I often associate with summer. Who knows what the season will hold for us all, aside from the heat! Anyhow, I love the clean lines of the furniture along with the beautiful ceiling and vintage chandelier which gives the room the perfect touch of glamour.

On a side note, does anyone know where I can find a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Houston? I have seen them all over Los Angeles, but I haven’t seen them in Texas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Image Source: Domino, November 2007}

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