Love it or Leave it: Dark Painted Cabinets

black kitchen lisa epley

{Paper City Magazine}

Last week, we debated whether white kitchens were a classic or passing trend that had seen its share of the spotlight. White kitchens definitely one the classic vote by a landslide and it seems the great majority of you love them! I was happy to hear that because I am about to update my kitchen as well. We’ve been meaning to do it for years and I finally said to my husband, “enough is enough…let’s do this!”, so we are! Anyhow, part of me is still tempted to try dark painted cabinets, grey more so than black. We painted our bathroom cabinets high-gloss black and love the look, but are a little weary of trying it in the kitchen. I’m afraid we would get tired of them very quickly. Have any of you gone to the dark side? What do you think of this look? Love it or leave it?

black kitchen farmhouse modern

{Farmhouse Modern}

black kitchen


kitchen hb sarahs fab day

{House Beautiful}

kitchen tommy smythe phot michael graydon

{Could this kitchen by Tommy Smythe be the ideal solution- white uppers and black lowers?}

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