Dream Home: A Diary of Lovely

Today, Helena from the London-based A Diary of Lovely is sharing her “Dream Home” with us. It’s fun to see how she mixes looks from both sides of the pond!
A Diary of Lovely
A dream home, wow, that's a big task! And while I seat here and think about it I realise how mixed my style is, how I love so many different trends, ideas. I have found myself drawn to the white Scandinavian environments, but at the same type big eccentric colourful room also make my heart race. So where do I stand? In between I guess.
I'm a city girl, that's one thing I know. I do fantasize with the suburbs idea but I can't see it happening. So my ideal house would have plenty of rooms to enjoy, have family and friends over, relax, cook.Which is why a brownstone or a mews has so much appeal to me, it has the character and beauty in the city.
The kitchen is one of the most important parts. It has to be big, with lots of storage, open shelves and a pantry! and a middle island with a breakfast nook. A big living room would be the heart of the house to enjoy laughs and fun. Spend lazy Sundays, enjoy of company. Here's where my style gets all confused. I just want it to feel homey, cozy, livable and classic. Warm colors, and velvets, luxurious fabrics and fun patterns and little details to brighten up the room. And a big dining room, for big family dinners Like Bailey said, I would like a room all to myself,  but also one for N, I know it's of his dreams too. Mine would have an office and a reading area, with lots of books. N's would be darker, with dark leathers and a manly warmth. Let's talk bedrooms. A couple of guest bedrooms, very different between them, perfect opportunity to play around. Master Bedroom. Easy. Fabulous for both, with an adjacent walk in closet (my BIG dream) and a lavish bathroom. Do I want more? Yes! There will be kids eventually, so of we go, with playful rooms full of life! And not to forget the details. A beautiful staircase, an art wall, a beautiful entryway. And finally a small outdoor space, maybe a patio or a terrace or even a small garden.  Thank you so so much Paloma for inviting me to share a big dream of mine, this had definitely been a fantastic exercise and lots of fun. xo Via: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|23|24|25

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