Rock Candy


{Craig Van Den Brulle Amethyst Lamps}

I’ve always loved crystals, agate and geodes, but it seems that they are growing in popularity. There are so many gorgeous accessories for both fashion and home that utilize these beautiful natural materials. Are you a fan? These are just a few of my current favorites.


{Craig Van Den Brulle Rock Crystal Lamps}



{Willy Daro Agate and Bronze Lamp}

{Eduardo Garza Rose Quartz Bookends}

{Eduardo Garza Rock Crystal Matrix}

Polished Rock Crystal Priced Separately

{Polished Rock Crystal Obelisks}



{RabLabs Agate Wine Bottle Stoppers}

{RabLabs Pedra Coasters}

Primadina Chalcedony Druzi and Lapis Double Date Ring

{Primadina Lapis Lazuli and Chalcedony Druzy Ring}

Dara Ettinger Mimi Druzy Double Ring in Gunmetal

{Dara Ettinger Mimi Druzy Double Ring}


Yochi Blue Agate Dagger Necklace

{Yochi Blue Agate Dagger Necklace}

Minu Jewels Marshmallow Necklace

{Minu Jewels White Agate Marshmallow Necklace}

Nina Nguyen Endurance White Druzy Bracelet

{Nina Nguyen Endurance Druzy and Leather Bracelet}

{Dara Ettinger Druzy Earrings}

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