Going to the Dark Side

{Philip Gorrivan}

Lately, I’ve been increasingly drawn to dark walls, particularly in high gloss finishes. There is something rather glamorous and cozy about a room with bold, dark walls. It is as if the room is enveloping you. So, would you? Could you go the dark side? If so, in which room would you paint the walls a dark color?

In the Office:

office amy fine collins{Amy Fine Collins via ELLE DÉCOR}

office ashley edwarss


office monique lhuillier

{Monique L’huillier’s Home Office as seen in ELLE DÉCOR}

office todd romano

{Anthony Todd Romano}


{Lisa Epley as seen in Paper City}


In the Living Room:

{Philip Gorrivan}

miles redd habitually chic

{Miles Redd}

molly sims

{Molly Sims SoHo Apartment Decorated by Kishani Perera}

In the Bedroom:

bed ashley goforth luxe and lillies

{Ashley Goforth}

bed domino2

{Jenna Lyons’ Bedroom as seen in Domino}

bed marie claire maisonsarahlavoine2

{Marie Claire Maison}

bedroom courtney giles

{Courtney Giles}

bedroom mary mcdonald

{Mary McDonald}

In the Kitchen:

black kitchen windsor smith - Copy

{Windsor Smith}

kitchen matthew quinn

{Matthew Quin}

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