Dream Home: The Proper Poppy

Jennifer of The Proper Poppy has been a dear friend of mine for a number of years now. I’ve always admired her kind nature and her incredible talent for designing the most beautiful floral arrangements. She puts so much love into everything she does and it always shows in the final product. I had the pleasure of working with her in a professional setting on two shoots for the first issue of High Gloss. She created the florals for the Tia Zoldan shoot and she conceptualized the “Valentine’s in the Valley” story and created all of the floral designs for that as well. Jennifer has beautiful home of her own, but it was fun to see how she would put together her “dream home”. Enjoy!

Through the years I've collected images that have grabbed my attention. Sorting through, I was reminded how some of my tastes have changed while others have stayed in the same vein. Sometimes I'm drawn to the latest and then grounded by the familiar, it's much like life in general I guess.  Being a mom of a toddler has definitely impacted my ideas of a dream home. The same goes for my passion for floral and event design.  I view spaces a lot differently than I used to. Right now I'm fond of all things clean, quiet and functional. Here is a glimpse as to where my heart and dreams presently lie:

jeni 1

Welcome home!  I've been an admirer of this particular architect's work for years.  This house is so inviting at twilight, and the front porch would be the perfect place for a nice long chat on a sunny day.

jeni 2

I love a simple entry that has character but isn't imposing.

jeni 3

Simplicity with warmth describes my family room, it's in the subtle details.  It would be easy to change things out and get a different look with a few simple touches.  You'll see a pattern with me- I like to decorate seasonally with flowers, so a quiet background really appeals.

jeni 4

I love the idea of this pantry as a part of my kitchen.  It could double as a work room- storing all my vases, cookbooks and even stationary supplies in one spot.  It's easy to close off, but also accessible while being close to the main traffic of the house.

jeni 5

There are so many breakfast nooks it's hard to choose- I can't remember where I saved this one from, but I love the light streaming in.  I envision many projects, lots of great meals and conversations in this spot. We tend to eat and work in one space and I like how a nook keeps everyone together and engaged.  Bright pillows and floral arrangements would spark up the space. 

jeni 6

Here are some flowers from The Proper Poppy I'd put in our nook.

jeni 7

A workspace that is pretty but functional describes my kitchen. There's a nice mix of closed cabinets and drawers to hide the every day items and then a bit of open shelving to show off pretty treasures.  Everyone tends to congregate in the kitchen, and I like the couch close by so someone can curl up and visit while cooking is going on.

jeni 8

This office space looks ready for me to set my laptop on the desk for a bit of work on my blog and floral ideas, and then a great area to snuggle up with a good book. 

jeni 9

Down the hall would be the guest room.  I wonder what voyages that old trunk has taken?  And aren't the simple prints above the bed darling? 

jeni 10

I'm in love with the subtle basket weave flooring for our guest bath and the cabinet color is divine! 

jeni 11

Cheery striped window coverings make this playroom pop, and what child (and child at heart) wouldn't love doodling on that fun drawing table with the mismatched little chairs?  The only thing missing- a bunch of original drawings above the couch.  Our family would definitely love to snuggle up and read books in this space... it's bright and kid friendly, but without overwhelming clutter.

jeni 12

Sticking with stripes- this children's bedroom has been a favorite of mine.  And I had to sneak a little Greek key in here for Paloma! We're working on our son's "little big boy" room, so I've enjoyed peeking at all the ideas for kids out there right now.

jeni 13

As for the master bedroom- I think if it's good enough for Barefoot Contessa- it's good enough for us! Crisp linens and lots of light.  A calm spot for a good rest.  I'd probably find some sort of art for over the bed...

jeni 14

This actually is my friend's master bath- and I am totally taken with the space.  I adore the gorgeous french doors and fabulous tub to soak in.  It really seems like a lovely place to get ready every day.

jeni 15

Okay- back to a little bit of color!  I would lighten up and be more carefree in my closet.  I'm drawn to the chevron patterned island and all that Hermès orange. 

jeni 16

I've saved this image for a long time.  It's such a great pool house/office space... potential is so versatile.  It's crisp and clean and just FUN!

jeni 17

Finally- this California girl definitely loves the idea of pocketing all the doors into the walls and being right in the backyard. 

jeni 18

And now to throw you TOTALLY off balance... I wanted to share what I think would be a blend of what my husband and I might like in a completely random room.  His great love is books and the idea of a clean modern space.  My hobby is songwriting and singing, so I love how this room marries the two and is just FULL of light. I can totally see my husband reading some sort of London history, my son bringing in his drumsticks (or some sort of sports equipment) and me at the piano.  How's that for a totally different look?  I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it with the other photos as they were more cohesive- but still wanted to share!


It just goes to show how many different ways I could take my dreams.  On any given day a new image or object inspires me.  But I must say- my biggest dream is to have my family under one roof- happy, healthy and laughing together.  

La Dolce Vita showcases such a variety of styles and continues to expose me to new sources of inspiration.  I always look forward to what Paloma will feature next.  It's been a treat for me to participate in the dream home series. Thank you all for welcoming me into your own home and day! 



of the proper poppy

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