Do Tell: What is your Guilty Pleasure?


guilty pleasure

We all have them. Those little indulgences that make us feel a little bit guilty, but that we relish every moment of. My greatest guilty pleasure is reality television, specifically Bravo reality shows. I watch just about every Real Housewives franchise. I’ve seen and loved every season of Top Chef. I love watching Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out and Rachel Zoe on The Rachel Zoe Project. I watched the first season of Bethenny’s show and I plan to watch the new one as well. I even enjoy Million Dollar Listing. I’d say the only one I don’t watch is Million Dollar Matchmaker. Andy Cohen has done a fabulous job with his programming line-up and he’s reeled me right in. But enough about me! I want to know what your guilty pleasure is. Is it chocolate (I love that, too)? Weekly spa treatments? Expensive letterpress stationery? A cocktail every now and again? Inquiring minds want to know, so do tell. What is your guilty pleasure?

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