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I’ve often said that one of my favorite things about blogging is the fact that it has allowed me to meet so many people who share my same interests and has given me the opportunity to foster friendships that I probably would not have made otherwise. Crystal, founder of the lovely blog, Plush Palate is no exception. It is almost uncanny how much she and I have in common. We share a similar aesthetic and both have an undying love for all things Italian. Yesterday, we were chatting about the fact that I felt like I could have written her “10 Things” list because I can identify with all of it!

As you may know, I spoke at the Kravet Social Media and Design Panel last week and Crystal spoke on the same panel in Chicago last month. Beth Greene, the VP of Social Media and Marketing for Kravet told us both that we reminded her so much of each other! It’s amazing how the world of blogging brings together kindred spirits. Though I haven’t had the chance to meet Crystal in person yet, I can tell you that she is driven, incredibly genuine and kind, and has gorgeous taste. I hope that you’ll enjoy her “10 Things” list as much as I did!


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* Following My Passion: Sometimes it takes time to find it or courage to follow it, but I cannot imagine living a life without passion for what I do. It gets me out of bed in the morning and is what keeps me going in difficult times. Bringing beauty and inspiration to others through the world of interior design gives me great joy and fulfillment.

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* Alone Time: I find great comfort and relaxation in being alone. It allows me the quiet time I need to hear my thoughts and connect with my feelings after a long day. Too often, I feel people don't take time to invest in the relationship they have with themselves, which in my opinion, is one of the most important relationships you'll ever cultivate.

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* Traveling: For as long as I can remember, curiosity for travel has been at the core of who I am. Growing up, my father's career took him all over the world for speaking engagements. Believing that what my brothers and I could learn through seeing the world was more informative than what we'd learn in a week of school, my parents often let us join them on those trips. And how glad I am that they did! Ask me about any give week of school and I can't recall, but I can vividly remember each one of those trips -- the conversations I had, the foods I tasted, the feelings I felt, the things I saw, and the people I met. I thank my parents for instilling a lifelong love of travel and open mind to new cultures in me.

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* Appreciating Beauty: In all its forms, I find great value in taking time to appreciate the beauty around me. Whether it be in the presentation of a meal, the tailoring of a dress, the lyricism in a poem, or the complexity of an emotion, I look for beauty wherever I go. Sometimes it's less obvious to see, but I find that if I seek it, I will find it, even in the most unexpected of places.

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* Journaling: I love to write and have been keeping journals since I was thirteen years old. I have a box filled with all the journals I've filled up over the years. They are my most prized possessions as they document my life -- the feeling I've felt, the discoveries I've made, and the ups and downs I've experienced. Journaling is so therapeutic and eye opening for me and I can't imagine ever stopping.

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* A Home I Love: Like many design enthusiasts, I am very effected by my surroundings. I find it hard to be productive in a place that doesn't feel right or inspire me. So, I couldn't imagine living in a home that I didn't take the time to make a place I love. To me, the right decor and furniture is money well spent because it's something that will make me happy each time I come home.

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* Learning: I have a very curious mind, and the older I get the more I see the areas of my interests broadening. Education was always an important value in my household growing up, and so I'm committed to being a lifelong learner and seeker of knowledge.

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* Spending Time with Others: As much as I love being alone, I couldn't live without the community and camaraderie of friends and family. Truly connecting with other people through love, compassion, and kindness is one of the best feelings in life and why we are here after all.

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* Reading: I love to read and adore my books! I love escaping into a good novel, curled up in bed, and unwind for the evening. Nothing is more relaxing or engaging than that.

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* Blogging: In many ways, I credit blogging for helping me find my passion and directing my path. It's opened so many doors for me and more importantly, introduced me to inspiring people who have become lifelong friends. I am continually inspired by the intelligence, creativity, and kindness of other bloggers and feel so fortunate to be amongst this wonderful community.


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