Product Review: Ellington Handbags’ Hannah Tote

Hannah Tote: Yellow

The wonderful people at Ellington Handbags were kind enough to send me their Hannah Tote a couple of weeks ago. The tote comes in black, brown, red, and yellow. I chose black as I felt it would be the most practical. I have been carrying the tote for a little over a week now and I can honestly say that I love it. It’s big enough to fit a laptop or magazines, but it doesn’t feel at all cumbersome. I love the soft, Italian leather along with the hand-stitched “waffled” detail and twisted straps which are both comfortable and sturdy.

Hannah Tote: Black

Even though it is a large handbag, it has kept me very organized because of all of the different sized compartments inside. I am actually very excited about traveling with this bag because it is such an ideal size and I know that I can fit everything I need in it.

Hannah Tote: Black

The people at Ellington are so passionate about what they do and that passion shows in the craftsmanship and design of their handbags. “We think life is an adventure, and a good handbag should carry whatever you need, wherever your adventures take you. We create each bag to be your perfect companion; the one you want by your side every day, whether you're picking out veggies at the local farmer's market or boarding a plane to Budapest. Just enough pockets, but not too many. A strap that fits on your shoulder as if it was made just for you. Luxurious leathers and fabrics that feel good, look good, and wear well. But what about style? Don't worry—we've got you covered. We know that looking good feels good, so we focus on classic-chic designs that you'll feel good carrying not only for a season, but for years and years.”

The Hannah Tote is only $199 and ships for free.

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