10 Things I Can’t Live Without: The City Sage

city sage Today’s installment of “10 Things” features the lovely Anne Sage of The City Sage, a super-inspiring blog about fashion and interior design. Anne always features a treasure trove of gorgeous images and does a fabulous job of creating stories that match interiors to fashion perfectly.

vintage fashion prints[1]
1. Vintage fashion prints: I love fashion, but I'm also a huge history nerd. So what better way to combine two of my top interests? Plus vintage prints can be a super affordable way to fill your house with one-of-a-kind artwork.

ballet flats[1]
2. Ballet flats: While I adore the look of heels, the reality of living in a city and walking everywhere means that I usually stick with flats. Thank goodness there are so many gorgeous options out there! Lanvin slays me every time.

M0851 bags[1]
3. M0851 leather bags: For buttery soft leather that only looks better with age, look no further than M0851. I have their bags in every size--from wallet up to luggage--and I always receive complements on them. Their jackets are fab as well.

taza chocolate[1]
4. Taza Organic Chocolate: Not only is this chocolate organic, it's also stone ground and minimally processed using ancient Oaxacan techniques, so the flavor is super intense. Honestly, you haven't tasted chocolate until you've tasted Taza.

5. Super soft tee shirts: With baggy jeans and sneakers or with slim trousers and my hottest jewelry, I always feel effortlessly stylish in a cozy, almost sheer tee shirt. Kain Label makes my favorites in a palette of soft hues and neutrals.

workout DVDs[1]
6. Workout DVD's: I'm a huge believer in the power of exercise to cure what ails you. I'm also a huge believer in lazing around at home. DVD's with my favorite trainers provide the shortest distance from the couch to a major sweat session.

la natura lavender[1]
7. Anything lavender: My mom is obsessed with all things lavender, so when I'm missing her I take a whiff and it's as though she's next to me instead of 3000 miles away. La Natura has a terrific line of lavender products featuring sustainably farmed ingredients.
thymes home fragrance[1]

8. Thymes home fragrance mists: Sophisticated rather than gag-inducing like other home scents, these are my reward for doing housework. After I've tidied up, I run down the hall spritzing each room. The apartment isn't officially clean until it smells nice too!

historical romance novels[1]
9. Historical romance novels: I read about two romance novels a week. Handsome gentlemen, saucy heroines, and a guaranteed happy ending. What more could you want? My fave author is Mary Balogh; I'd read the back of a cereal box if it was written by her.

10. Pampering home facials: I love to give my skin a good scrub, do a little face massage, then smear on a rejuvenating mask. Astara makes especially lovely ones--and they go really well with an afternoon spent eating chocolate and reading romance novels ;)

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