Personal Style, Defined: Elements of Style

Elements of Style was one of the first interior design blogs that I ever started reading. I loved that everything felt fresh and attainable, and I loved Erin's killer style. Like me, she tends to like layered spaces with various textures, colors, and of course, patterns. She likes to mix the classic with the trendy, the high with the low, until the perfect balance is achieved. I would be thrilled to have Erin design my home any day, so you can imagine how excited I am that she is participating in the Personal Style, Defined series.

Attempting to define my personal style through images was quite a challenge. Being "design ADD" renders me blessed with an open mind and broad adoration of various styles, but it also leaves me unable to contain myself in one "style". I can love a modern loft and a rustic country home with the same fervor. So what I did was go through my "favorites file" and just snag the images the jumped out at my first without thinking to hard about them. It was an interesting exercise (one that may help others when trying to define their own style) and left me with a series of images that veer towards bold color and a mix of modern and traditional styles.
These two images below sum it up the look nicely. Pattern makes me happy, weather it's in the form of an amazing wallpaper or a huge wall of books.

One thing that is for certain, I love me some zebra. Truly, it's hard for me to design a room without a little punch of zebra somewhere. It adds a graphic quality to any style decor without being modern OR traditional. These entryways below are bit more modern, but I simply adore them in all their zebra-ness. From Ashley Whittaker's amazing wallpapered hall to Jonathan Adler's pink walls. One equation that always creates a perfect look in this area of the house= a console + ottoman(s)+ dramatic mirror+lamps or tall accessories.

This vignette is so completely me- orange and turquoise are a color combo I have not tired of!

This room by Miles Redd is so over the top and so very me. Anyone who upholsters doors in zebra with nail heads (another fave of mine) is rock star in my book The gallery style art wall and traditional furniture adds up to a space that is unexpected, happy and comfortable at the same time.

This living room is designed by a fellow Boston designer and I have always LOVED the mural on the wall. Another example of adding something unexpected to a room while keeping the overal furniture rather traditional.

Jenna Lyon's home is one that I could move into and be just fine (note: more zebra. I may need to find a recovery group for zebra addicts). If I could have any space in the world to live in, it would probably be a space with the classic architectural detail of this one. Large windows, high ceilings, detailed trim work, old wood floors- nothing would make me happier!

Do I even need to explain why I love her "closet"? And her bathroom which is so simple but so dramatic. Black paint is so in my future with whatever space we move into next. It is so rich and makes every element in a room pop (like the brass plumbing in this one).

Now for my three most favorite kitchens of all time. The first designed by Brooke Gianetti of Velvet & Linen. This light filled space is clean, classic and just AMAZING.

For something with a bit more punch, Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen in her Hampton's house makes me weak in the knees. The graphite grey cabinets and the white chandeliers hung over the island are so unique. A prime example of why life is not fair: she gets this kitchen AND Chris Martin? Share the wealth, sista....

This eat-in Windsor Smith kitchen has long been a favorite of mine too- and a bit more on the traditional side. The combination of faux bamboo side chairs and monogrammed wingback chairs leaves me breathless.

I wish the whole kitchen had a floor like this one though- how magnificent!

Two bedrooms that certainly define my style- the Miles Redd designed bedroom with chinoiserie paper and canopy bed (a pair of colored ceramic gourd lamps ALWAYS makes a space delightful in my opinion!) This other bedroom by Amanda Nisbet puts all the focus on a simply stunning light fixture.

The minute I saw Mary McDonald's office in Domino I am pretty sure I screamed. Again, the combination of traditional, feminine details with modern, graphic punches is exactly how I like my own space to look.

My adoration of her work continues in these two spaces of her own home...that herringbone painted floor? *Sigh*

And finally, a space that is VERY important to me- outdoor space. I love being outside and a city roof deck like this one below (in my town of Boston) would suit me just fine. As would sitting by a fire in a more suburban location, like the home of Pieces owner Lee Kleinhelter.

Thanks for having me by Paloma, I hope you all enjoyed a peek inside my favorite spaces!

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