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It would be a nearly impossible feat to try to contain British style to a few categories, but seeing as how we are heading to London in a mere two days, I have had London style on the brain non-stop. Well, that and a to-do list with about a million things on it that need to be done before Friday. When I think of Londoner's style in general, the words sophisticated, cutting-edge, edgy, ladylike, and chic all come to mind. The same is true of how I feel about London interiors despite the fact that I haven't been there just yet. Today, I am featuring three stylish London homes from the pages of Living, etc. that I feel represent London style.

The first home, seen above and immediately below is my favorite for its mix of new and vintage pieces as well as the use of color and patterns. The vibe is definitely edgy and a little subversive with a bit of a punk attitude.

I love the graphic rug, dark furniture, and antique trunk coffee table.

Same room, different view
Who doesn't love a fabulous starburst and a great selection of reading material?

The dressing room features a more serene color palette. I love the wall color and the fantastic built-ins.

The following home belongs to accessories designer, LuLu Guiness. The British are frequently regarded as sophisticated, polished, and well-mannered. This often translates into their interiors and in the past it has been interpreted with traditional furnishings and chintz fabrics. I am definitely not a fan of that look. Though I consider myself to be rather feminine, I like my interiors to have a bit of a masculine edge. Pretty is not enough for me.
I absolutely love Guiness' modern twist on classic, prim British style. Her Victorian townhouse is utterly feminine and flirty with a cheeky sense of humor. While pretty and feminine, it is modern enough not to leave a saccharin after-taste.

LuLu and her dog in her gorgeous, light-filled kitchen

I love this silhouette print! I think she almost looks like Sophia Loren in the 1960s.

Pretty and not at all stuffy

Lulu's bathroom is fabulous! I love the paintcolor and tilework, along with the gorgeous lucite vanity and vintage chair.

I have found that new construction in most of the world veers towards streamlined minimalism and that definitely comes to mind when I think of British interiors. I think of London especially, as a sleek, modern city, so I would imagine that many of its inhabitants would want to live that way. This last home is a loft in East London's Shoreditch neighborhood. While the lines are sleek and its nature as a loft invites a natural sort of minimalism, the owners have softened it up through their use of a warm color palette and layers of textures and accessories.

I love the exposed brick in the bedroom. The white linens, billowy drapes, and capiz chandelier give it a very romantic feel.

I love the glam element they've added through the use of this metallic wallpaper.

The large living area is clearly defined and features a variety of textures.

I love the vintage industrial vibe that the styling and use of accessories have given this otherwise modern kitchen. The exposed brick also softens the space a great deal.

All images via
Living, etc.

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