Fabulous Room Friday: 6.5.09

This week I am loving this fabulous room by Miami-based designer, Celia Domenech. Seeing as how this was the first week of summer for many, I think that this room is perfect for the occasion! I love the cozy, laid-back vibe. Despite the casual look, the room still looks chic and pulled together. I like that Celia chose a soothing palette of greys and blues, but kept it from looking too cottage or country through the use of graphic prints and a zebra rug.

I love the floor lamp and chair seen here, but my favorite element just might be the built-in shelves piled high with books. That also spells summer to me because it symbolizes leisure time. I would imagine waking up in this house to the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves, having a yummy breakfast, then heading down to the beach for the afternoon only to return a few hours later to enjoy a good book in this cozy room.
The relaxed, beachy look continued into the dining room which opens into the family room in the first two pictures. I love the blue coral! I don't think I have ever seen it painted like that. The only colors I have seen are black, white, and red. The trio of mirrors also looks fantastic. In addition, I really like the variety of seating around the rustic dining table. I think it adds charm to the home. It seems that most beach houses feature a mish-mash of hand-me-downs from people's main residences. I like that Celia seems to play upon that concept in a stylish, polished way.

All images via Celia Domenech

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