Roll Call: Calling All Lurkers!

Last night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Courtney of In(side) the Loop, Carolina of Carolina Eclectic, Paige of I*heart*you and Lauren of Material Girls. I always have so much fun when I get to spend time with the Houston bloggers and was so excited to meet Paige and Lauren for the first time. They were both so sweet and funny.

We enjoyed each other's company so much, that we talked for hours. The restaurant turned the lights out and the waitstaff started to leave with their belongings in tow, signaling to us that they wanted to close up shop. We talked about lots of things... blogs, fashion, interiors, trips, remodeling historic homes, our life stories, and LURKERS. Paige called hers out a while ago and got a big response.

I know you're out there! You know who you read my blog, but have never left a comment. So now, I ask of you, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you have to say, really, I would. I think one of the most exciting things about the blogging community is the ability to have exchanges with all sorts of cool people. Like any good blogger, I love to hear what my readers have to say and I love a little positive affirmation, but then again, who doesn't? So, I am asking you to leave a comment. It doesn't even have to be on this particular post. I'm just curious about who you are and would love to hear about your perspective. Pretty please...with a cherry on top?

Image via Martha Stewart

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