Love it or Leave It: Layered Bracelets

{A Chic Take on Layered Bracelets via Michael Kors}

What are your thoughts on the stacked bracelet look? This seemed to be a huge trend in the summer with people mixing rhinestones, gold, and neon colored bracelets. Now that fall is upon is, the look seems to have veered in the direction of gold. I love jewelry, but I can’t bring myself to layer so many pieces together, though I do love the look in the photo above. Is this a trend you’ve embraced? Do you think more is more or are you from the Coco Chanel school of thought that states you should always take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house? Do you love this look or would you rather leave it?

{via The Glitter Guide}

{via Mackenzie Horan}

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{via Pinterest}

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