Jet Set: Hotel Design by Pablo Paniagua

In the town of Palo Alto, California, just outside of San Francisco, you’ll find the newly redesigned Garden Court Hotel. The property recently underwent a major transformation under the direction of Spanish interior designer, Pablo Paniagua, whose work has appeared in Nuevo Estilo magazine many times. What appeals most to me about the approach Paniagua took in designing this hotel property is the modern traditional aesthetic. That may sound like an oxymoron, but Paniagua has taken classic pieces like the Klismos-style desk chair and traditional lighting designs and he’s mixed them with a completely modern sensibility that comes from the graphic carpets and monochromatic color palettes. From what I could tell on the hotel’s website, it looks as though at this stage, Paniagua has only redesigned the guestrooms and the public spaces might be up for renovation in the next stage.

{A Beautifully-Appointed Guest Bathroom}

{I love the canopies used above the beds in this guestroom.}

{The color palette and overall design of this lovely room remind me a lot of the JK Capri hotel by one of my favorite designers, Michele Bonan.}

{A Chic, Spacious Guestroom}


{To see the different room types available at the Garden Court Hotel, visit the hotel’s website.}

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