The Midas Touch: Lighting


{A Fabulous, Vintage Brass Sputnik Chandelier}

I have always loved beautiful lighting and find that it is truly one of the most important elements in a home. Lately, my style has been skewing a little more towards a modern aesthetic and I have been obsessed with all things gold for some time now, so while I was perusing 1st Dibs the other day, I came across a few brass lighting fixtures that I am currently loving. Each one is unique and statement making. They’re the perfect way to add a little touch a of glamour to a space!


A 72 Lights Brass Sputnik Light Fixture

{While I haven’t usually loved sputnik chandeliers, I am beyond obsessed with this brass version from Little Paris Antiques. It has 72 lights and is five feet in diameter. It is stunning!}


{1970s Brass Skyscraper Lamps from Elizabeth Pash}


1950's Brass Domed Adjustable Desk Lamp

{Modern Living Supplies 1950s Brass Domed Adjustable Desk Lamp}

Vaughn sconces

{I really like the “glam meets organic” quality of these Twig Sconces}


I am currently dreaming about a huge office with ceilings tall enough to accommodate the enormous scale of the sputnik chandelier. I’d then add a fabulous Lucite and Burlwood desk like this one along with a fabulous console for the skyscraper lamps. A girl can dream! I don’t know of too many office spaces with five foot chandeliers. Which of these fixtures is your favorite? Have you incorporated any brass or gold lighting into your home or do you prefer silver finishes like polished nickel?

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