Thank you!

Thank you for being so incredibly kind and supportive yesterday when we shared the news that High Gloss Magazine will not be continuing on. Your comments and e-mails were so touching and brought tears to my eyes. I was so afraid of disappointing you or of feeling like a failure, but you all have lifted my spirits in a way that I could not have anticipated. To hear you talk about how much you enjoyed the magazine or in some cases, to have you tell me that I have inspired you to make a big change in your life is incredibly touching. Thank you for sharing your stories, advice, and words of encouragement.

And for anyone who has asked or may be wondering, the decision about High Gloss will in no way, shape, or form affect the future of La Dolce Vita (or Lauren and Dabney’s businesses, Rock Paper Scissors and Dabney Lee). I will still be here everyday, blogging away!


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