House Tour: Jennifer Dyer of Jeneration Interiors


{The entrance to Jennifer’s home is so welcoming and lovely.}

In case you missed the tour on Apartment Therapy last week, it seems that one of my favorite Los Angeles interior designers, Jennifer Dyer of Jeneration Interiors has done it again. I have blogged about Jennifer’s various projects and her own homes through the years here on La Dolce Vita and each time, it seems you all have loved her gorgeous homes as much as I have. I am super excited to see that Jennifer has moved again and has created yet another beautifully-designed, glamorous home. It seems that my designer friends love a good decorating challenge and are either always moving or are always redesigning their homes. I don’t know how they do it, but I suppose it comes with the territory. I’m just glad that all of these moves and changes result in more inspiring eye candy for the rest of us.


{I love the mouldings in the foyer of Jennifer’s 1940s Hollywood Hills home.}


{The kitchen is classic and beautiful. It is completely modern, but lends itself so well to the original features and character of this charming, old home.}


{I love the custom window seat!}


{The dining room is traditional with a major infusion of glamour. The wall color is so lovely.}


{I love the muted coral color palette used in the living room. While it isn’t something I would usually gravitate to, it has such a soft, pretty quality that works so well with the rest of the home.}


{A Perfectly Designed Vignette}


{The family room has a distinct “Hamptons” vibe.}


{There are so many gorgeous elements in this bedroom, which I presume to be the master from the gorgeous upholstered, turquoise bed to the amazing selection of lighting.}


{The adjoining bathroom is just as lovely. I love the classic fixtures and seagrass wallcovering.}


{Can you say “bananas”?! I love the ultra-glamorous look of Jennifer’s closet. It looks as through she took a small room and converted into a dressing room, an idea that I can definitely get behind! I love the regency chandelier and chairs as well as the cool rug.}


{Jennifer’s Amazing Shoe Collection}


{Have you seen a cozier-looking bed than this? It looks so inviting!}


{I recognize these items from Jennifer’s two prior homes. I love that she is repurposing things!}


{I love the paint colors used on the home’s exterior.}


{Jennifer’s Lush Backyard Oasis Featuring a Navy Blue Cabana}

To see more of Jennifer’s work, visit her website. Her last two homes are listed as the “Classic” and “Whimsical” projects in her portfolio. It’s interesting to see how some of the same items that she’s used in all three homes have lent themselves to each style.

If you’d like to see all 45 images featured in the Apartment Therapy tour of Jennifer Dyer’s  home, Click Here.

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