Fabulous Room Friday 08.19.11

liz caan4

This week’s “Fab Room” is the gorgeous design studio belonging to the talented interior designer, Liz Caan whose work I previously blogged about a few months ago. While the space doesn’t technically count as just one room, it is just too fabulous to pass up. I was visiting Liz’s website to peruse her gorgeous portfolio yesterday when I was greeted with the amazing photo above. I seriously had a “I want to go to there” moment à la Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. I am a sucker for symmetry. I know some people like odd numbers and find asymmetry more interesting, but I like everything perfectly symmetrical and even, so this is right up my alley.

liz caan3

{Liz’s studio is so rich and is beautifully layered. The wallpaper adds dimension, interest, and color. The space is truly a testament to Liz’s brilliant accessorizing skills. I would like everything in this room, please!}

liz caan2

{The more functional areas of the studio are no less stylish, with chic, white cabinetry, shelving, and desks complemented by pastel accessories.}

liz caan

{A Bold Assortment of Pillows Adds Texture and Pattern to the Studio}

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Images via Liz Caan Interiors}

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