Knock, Knock!

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then doors may just be the windows to one’s home…could that be right? As silly as that phrase sounds, I do think that a beautiful, inviting doorway makes a big impact in a person’s overall impression of one’s home. Chances are, if a house looks beautiful on the inside, it will intrigue people as to what lies behind the front door. It’s kind of like putting your best face forward. So, which style of doorway appeals to you most: Classic and Elegant or Bright and Bold?

doors classic

{I love the casual, organic quality of this doorway.}

{Simple, lovely and presumably in London, like most of these doorways.}

{A Charming, Romantic California Doorway—I would love to have roses like these at home!}

{I love the perfect symmetry here. The door itself is quite unique.}

{Classic London Doorway}

{I love the urns and the touches of gold here.}

doors bright bold

{Could these be the most glamorous doors in London? I mean, seriously, how fabulous is that pink, studded door?}

{Another Pink Door in Beautiful London}

{This doorway may be black and white, but there isn’t anything boring about it!}

{The doorway to Miles Redd’s Manhattan home…I die for the hardware!}

{I love how bright and charming the exterior of this Mexican house is. I miss Mexico and hope that the drug violence subsides soon so that I can go back.}

{How cute is this house? The yellow door is so fun and I love the boxwood balls planted in the urns on either side.}

{Lime Green Doorway in Morocco}

{How beautiful and lush is this Moroccan door? I love the effect that the faded paint has on the door, especially in contrast to the bright orange walls.}

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