This or That: Fabulous Bathrooms

{Bathroom No. 1: Graphic and Glamorous – How insane is that copper tub? I love the bold, striped wallpaper and pops of purple.}

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on beautiful bathrooms. I recently came across these images and while they are all completely different, they are all pretty darn fabulous. Rather than have me wax poetic about what I love about each one, I’d love to hear from you. Which of these three bathrooms appeals to you the most? What do you love about it?

{Bathroom No. 2: Earthy and Romantic – The curtains over the tub feel so ethereal and the color palette is quite soothing. I’m not sure how I feel about having an audience on the sofa while I bathe, though. Maybe this is a hotel suite. Does anyone know?}

{Bathroom No. 3 Classic Elegance – I want to say this bathroom was designed by Nate Berkus. The classic elements throughout the space will stand the test of time. I love the sink and the shower door.}

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