The Meaning of Luxury

Like beauty, it seems that the meaning of luxury is somewhat subjective. What is deemed luxurious by one person, may not really match another person’s definition. Whether luxury means wearing haute couture while dripping in diamonds, jetting off to a fabulous destination at the drop of a hat, or simply enjoying a nice turn-down service in your hotel room, the definition is something personal and different for each individual.

I have been given the honor of discussing the topic of luxury in The Waldorf Astoria’s Luxury Manifesto Blog which I am writing along with Christine Lu, an expert on the emerging luxury market in China. I would love to know more about what luxury means to you. Is it a certain level of service? Designer labels and Jet-setting travel? An attention to detail? The freedom and ability to engage in certain activities, whether that means regular, luxurious spa treatment or the simple joy of an hour with a good book and a glass of wine? How do you define luxury?

I’d love for you to join the conversation on the Waldorf Astoria’s Luxury Manifesto Facebook page!


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