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Our famliy pet

I’ll be honest. After blogging about interior design for nearly four years, there are times when I feel completely uninspired or when it feels like there isn’t anything new to blog about that hasn’t already been seen a million times. This is exactly why it makes me so happy when I stumble upon designers or projects I have not seen before. I recently came across a photo of a room designed by Natalie Clayman which inspired me to do a little digging in order to see more of her work. I love that she uses bold colors, but doesn’t go crazy with an abundance of items in a room. She generally has a sleek, almost minimalistic approach to accessorizing that I find rather refreshing.

Decorating your dresser...

However, I have to say that my favorite rooms in her portfolio are those where she really turns up the volume with saturated color, patterns and bold accessories.

{I love this statement-making powder bathroom!)

Purple and Pink...

{I love how different this is from the baby girl nurseries we typically see.}


{I am dying over the fabulous pagoda mirror and Greek key chest in the nursery. That is one lucky baby!}


{Image Source: Natalie Clayman Interior Design}

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