Metropolitan Home: Design 100

Design 100 cover

{Photo by Linda O’Keefe}

Filipacchi Publishing was kind enough to send me a copy of one of their newest titles, Design 100: The Last Word on Modern Interiors by Michael Lassell. The book reads as somewhat of an anthology of the best interiors featured in Metropolitan Home. The book features interiors designed by Kelly Hoppen, Vicente Wolf, Jonathan Adler and Jamie Drake, homes designed by accomplished architects like Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Steven Shortridge and Maya Lin and photographs by renowned photographers like Nathan Kirkman, Armando Bertacchi and High Gloss favorites, Grey Crawford and Jack Thompson.

HK2091 P004

Although the title includes the word “modern”, the spaces featured in this wonderful book are anything but stark. The homes featured in Design 100 run the gamut from true contemporary and sophisticated European to glamorous rooms and crisp projects that highlight the unique architecture of the home. There were so many pleasant surprises for me within this lovely design tome- unexpected spaces, rooms that I remembered loving in the dearly departed Metropolitan Home and the work of some of my favorite designers, architects and photographers. All in all, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who was a fan of Metropolitan Home and appreciates modern design.


{Photo by Erik Johnson}


{Photo by Armando Bertacchi}


{Photo by Sara Essex}


{Photo by Nathan Kirkman}

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