Love it or Leave It: Inlaid Pieces

{Ines Chair by Madegoods}

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I certainly agree with that. What I'm wondering, however, is whether certain looks or styles fall into the category of trend or classic. I’m sure you’re thinking the distinction between those two categories should be a no brainer, but I definitely think this depends on who you ask. Take sunburst mirrors for example. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who would consider them classic, while many others would venture to say that they’ve been everywhere over the past few years and would consider them a trend.

So, each week, we’ll debate whether a certain item, look, or style should be considered a trend or a classic. Today, we’ll start with inlaid bone or mother of pearl items. Obviously, the technique dates back for centuries in other parts of the world, but these statement-making pieces have been increasing in popularity stateside. While I may comment on specific items in this post, I’ll keep my opinion as to whether these pieces are trendy or classic under wraps for a while and will share it later on in the comments section. Remember, you can love something, but it still has to fall into the trend or classic category!


{Inlaid Bone Flower Tray from Wisteria}



{Inlaid Mother of Pearl Bird Mirror from Wisteria}

Black & Bone Inlay 4 Drawer Chest of Drawers

{Gorgeous Inlaid Pieces from Graham and Green}

Raspberry & Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers

{Raspberry & Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers- This would be so perfect in a little girl’s room!}

Bone Inlay Tray & Table

{Graham and Green Bone Inlay Tray & Table- You choose the color of the tray top.}

Black & Bone Inlay 4 Drawer Console Table

{Black and Bone Inlay Console Table}

Chevron Frame - Blue

{Chevron Bone and Wood Picture Frame from Furbish}


So, what do you think? Trend or Classic?

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