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Today’s fabulous dream home comes courtesy of the stylish and savvy, Alcira of The Nero Chronicles, a fairly new blog based in Houston. If you don’t know about it yet, I can pretty much assure you that you’ll love it! It is super stylish with an irreverent twist, just like the woman who writes it.

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Thank you, Paloma, for inviting me to join this dizzyingly inspiring Dream Home series. I found this exercise particularly challenging, as the idea of a dream house has always been fluid and nebulous for me. On the one hand, I like to think that the place where I live -- in the moment -- is exactly where I want to be. Our homes are like us, imperfect, but they are real and warm and alive, and that is something I think we all should embrace. When it comes to the places and spaces we fantasize about, I haven't enough fingers to enumerate my fictional British, French or Moroccan lives -- just to name a few. Over the years, I've cooked up mythical variations of glamorous but low-key living in a crumbling country piles, far-flung beachside villas or a citified pied-a-terres. But in each scenario comfort, beauty, a dash of exotica and a sense of gritty-around-the-edges eclecticism must reign supreme in order for me to truly feel at home. Here is the basic vision Nero's reveries keep leading back to.

There's something about a spare, understated facade with vaguely European lines

that gets me every time.

Banks of iron-framed French doors convey the feel of a modern courtyard

and low-maintenance vegetation invites cartwheels and relaxation.

Books crammed just about anywhere lend life and knowledge.

Within a framework of grace, comfort and hospitality,

Nero must have a dash of playful tension.

I adore an intimate master chamber…


with an adjoining boho-luxe seating area.

Natural curiosities would abound, as I find delight in the details.

A substantial steel soaker with a backyard view would grace the master bath.

I'd opt for light and airy in the kitchen and leave dining alfresco an ongoing option.

A home office-cum-library would corral books, bills and boxed animalia.

Perhaps an in-home specimen room would do the trick.

I'd keep the feel functional and spare in my son's lair…

but designate a louche boudoir for an as-yet fictional, brooding belle of a daughter.

Adjacent to the kids' wing, would be this laid-back hangout replete with media space and homework and snack nook.


A home along these lines feels dearest to my heart. Airy but unpretentious, practical but personal, wide-armed and welcoming.

Many thanks for inviting me to play along.

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