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The lovely and talented, Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home is sharing her beautiful dream home today. I love the abundance of white and the serene look of it all.

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My dream house is white and it's surrounded by lush greenery.  I've had both of these pics below saved in my "dream home" file for years and I love them both equally for different settings so I had to share both: I love the pergola & insane yard & bridge in this one:

And I've had this one hanging up for years in my house in a secret spot because I love it so much:
{I've even crazily worked out the entire floorplan I'd want in this house one day.}  Image from Cottage Living
My entryway would feel something like Windsor's Smith's foyer.  I love the decayed silver lantern, the airiness and the fresh happy feeling you'd get walking in.  I love the ferns too and kill my fair share of them every year.
{House Beautiful}
My living room would feel something like this:
{Michael Bastian's LR, Domino}
I love the collected paintings & objects and have an ever-evolving collection.  It's light & airy yet a bit Alice-and-Wonderlandy.  It's also got this amazing organic feel and it seems like it's free & open for change & creativity, which I need.  Somewhere off of the living room, I'd love a little study - a bit darker than the other rooms- full of books and a pedestal table with some comfy wing chairs and a napping sofa.  It would feel like this:
{Southern Accents}
..with a touch of this:
{Jill Morris in House Beautiful}
The kitchen would be open & airy & bright.  There's no point in ever designing my own kitchen because I simply want this one:
{Southern Accents}
I covet those skylights covered draped with white linen!!! mmm mm mmm
{Southern Accents}
Looove the extra thick countertops, open shelving and the fresh white & green with hits of black.
My dining room would definitely have a gorgeous wall treatment.  And it would be its own separate room where doors could be shut to keep my guests lingering all night long.  (sounds creepy, I know. But I do love an enclosed dining room. ;)  I'd want it to have large windows so you practically felt like you were outside and you'd be able to see the yard & trees lit up at night.  I don't have a picture for this one but it would be smaller in size & very intimate.  And there would  be hidden speakers for music. If you went out one of the kitchen doors, you'd hit the mudroom & laundry room and then you'd walk through a door to the covered breezway to the garage. (With a walkway on top.)   On top of the garage, I'd have my studio.  It would be big & bright with high ceilings and tons of space:
{Atlanta Homes}
I would be in Heaven if it looked & functioned just like Suzanne Kasler's office!! (above & below)
{Atlanta Homes}
From the studio, you could open the door to the walkway above the breezeway and follow it to the upstairs portion of the main house where the kids bedrooms, and guest bedroom would be.  My bedroom would be white (as my own is now) which is what feels most restful to me when I just want to free my mind.  Here's a picture of what I WISH it could look like:
{by Ruthie Sommers, House Beautiful}
I could layer in the warmth seasonally in rugs & bedding, which I could mix up whenever I felt the urge:
{an old Ralph Lauren ad I think?}
My bathroom would be simple and the shower would be massive:
{Hello floors!!! Elle Decor}
It would also have a floating waterworks soaking tub and a (perfect, beautifully arched) steel door...
{Jill Brinson Sharp's home, House Beautiful}
...leading to a little secret garden for just me & my husband.  It would have an enclosed outdoor shower like this one:
..But with tons of plants & flowers.  Like an Eden.. (We're dreaming, right??)
The guest bedroom would have a bit more color & pattern and I love the idea of a happy yellow in there:
The kids would have fun rooms but I'd by lying if I told you I'd planned them out. (I'm kind of selfish about my daydreams ;) ;)   BUT they would definitely have a cool hang out all to themselves somewhere in the yard.
When I think about what's most important to me in my dream house, it ends up being the land that it sits upon.  I love having a home that is open to the outdoors and so the idea of having an incredible piece of property really appeals to me.  I'd love some woods and a swimming pond. 
Paloma, thanks so much for having me visit for the dream house tour!! 
Here's to one day getting a least a piece of our dream homes!! :)

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