Dream Home: LeSueur Interiors

The lovely Meg, of LeSueur Interiors will be sharing her lovely dream home with us today. Meg is a Southern Belle through and through, but her global travels have played a big role in shaping her design sensibility, which you’ll notice in her stunning selection of rooms. Enjoy!

Hi There! I'm Meg, this is my dream house. Follow me... Love the unsuspecting front. Nothing too flashy. Hidden behind a private garden. Behind those trees it is kinda big, but you can't really tell from the street. Pretend Mary McDonald is me. But I'd be wearing jeans and a colorful silk blouse. More my style. And heels, just not red ones. I'd also be wearing this nailpolish. And bracelets, lots of bracelets. Nice to meet you! Follow me!

Come on in! Can I fix you an iced tea, spiked ice tea or glass of wine?
Let's go to the kitchen. I have two favorites. I like them both so much. The top one I'd throw a colorful beat up Persian carpet on the floor. But love the modern cabinetry, don't even get me started on the windows. The bottom lantern and floors kill me. I have four boys (we're playing pretend remember), so they all line up at these tables and demand snacks all the time. Fine by me!
Hold on, let me get the flowers out of the laundry room, I was cut them in there after I picked them out of the back yard right before you came! I have just about as many tulips as in Holland!
Ok, now lets sit down in our formal sitting room for a chat. We entertain in here, and the boys skateboard and play soccer in here. I really don't mind them beating up these old floors, boys will be be boys! Never a dull moment in this house!
I had to throw in this great lavender sofa! This is where we like to kick our feet up.
We Lonergans have NO TV in this house. You read that correctly. So at night we read and play games in the study once everyone’s homework is finished.
Thanksgiving usually is held in here, obviously we need a bigger table, and a lot more chairs, and a huge rug, you get the gist.
This is our master bedroom. It's masculine, but soft. I have a pet peeve about overly feminine bedrooms. Hello, husbands have to sleep there too!
Master bath...we need a little rug in here too, cold feet in the winter time! See the fire place? Can you tell I have a fireplace in every single room in this house! Even though we live in the south, we need fireplaces!
I have the very same dressing room as Jenna! Can you imagine? Every girls dream! This is my office, where all designing gets done..and occasional naps...the boys know not to bother me in here!
This is our sloppy guest room..excuse the mess! And the fringey curtains that I can't wait to change.
One of the boys rooms...my husband complains all the time about this animal head, worried it's going to get broken from being 'kicked and knocked around'. We picked that up on a family safari to Namibia. Come join us for a barbecue or pool party sometime! Hope you enjoyed popping in!
Thanks so much for having me Paloma! This was a fun little escape!

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