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Today’s “Dream Home” belongs to my friend, Carolina Saunders, who writes the blog, Carolina Eclectic here in Houston. I love Carolina because she always stays true to her tastes and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. I think you’ll see those things reflected in her dream home.
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Hello, La Dolce Vita readers! I'm Carolina Saunders and I want to give you a tour of my dream home. This house has a personality of its own. Its kind of precocious and doesn't like too many rules. Instead, it thrives in being a free-spirit. It fits my family like a glove:)
For years I have fantasized of converting an old building into a house. Perhaps I watched Ghost, too many times as a kid. Mostly, I love all the possibilities a space like this allows. I mean, this building could be almost anything on the inside! My biggest wish for a home, is that its spaces not be too defined. I like having the option to change things up and to use a room in an unexpected way.
First, visitors would be welcomed by a view to a unique and multipurpose staircase. Not only does it get you where you need to go, but it also serves as an art gallery. The built in shelving allows for rotating artwork and solves the question of what to do with that large wall going up the stairs.
Ahhh, the living room. I have written about this room before, but it is just so perfect! Open and airy, with wonderful sunlight streaming in. It has beautiful texture everywhere you look and has plenty of space for my large collection of vintage furniture.
The dining room is open and continues the theme of wonderful texture. Also, it can be turned into a great race track for toy cars; in a split second. At my house, that is an important thing.
The kitchen is what I like to call a "non-kitchen". I really dislike cooking and the busyness of most kitchens. So, I love this room that looks more like an extension of the living room. It just happens to house pots, and pans, and discreet appliances.
Lately, this is the room I most dream of having. Its a study/art studio with big bright windows. Also, don't forget the daybed for afternoon naps.
The Master bedroom is romantic, cool, and peaceful. I love this quirky bed with its shot of color
The Master bath continues the theme of cool peacefulness. My favorite details are the skylights. I adore a bathroom with natural light streaming in from above. There is no better light for applying make-up!
Now, it so happens that I live with a very silly and fun-loving boy named Liam. He is almost 6 years old, and loves building things and drawing (sometimes in places he shouldn't). I think this room would be just right for him. It has plenty of storage for the thousands of toy cars he loves and a great big chalkboard wall for self-expression.
Diana Vreeland said, "Paint a map of the world on all four walls of your boys' nursery so they won't grow up with a provincial point of view". I couldn't agree more.  Boys love adventure, I believe in nurturing that. 
The guest room is a bit moody but quiet. I want visitors to relax and unwind in my house. No stress allowed! Put your feet up and read a good book. Mi casa es su casa.
The guest bath is still a bit moody but lighter. I am crazy about this wallpaper.
Finally, since I can do whatever I want with my dream house, I would add the most wickedly awesome tree house ever!! Wow, this was so much fun. I wish it didn't have to end so soon.

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