The La Dolce Vita Style Formula

domino klj4


Yesterday, Nicole from Sketch 42 created a clever post in which she defined her design aesthetic through a small series of images. She invited some bloggers to do the same and I’ve decided to join in on the fun. I have never been able to define my style in one or two words. Sometimes, I think it might be a little eclectic because I like to mix modern with vintage, masculine with feminine, but the furnishings, colors, and details that I love veer more towards classic and tailored than truly eclectic and irreverent. Help me out, guys! What would you call my style?


I love classic pieces and shapes but shy away from the overtly traditional.

jk capri

{JK Capri Hotel Designed by Michele Bonan}


I find the most beautiful spaces are layered with colors, patterns, and items from more than one period of design or style:

amanda nisbet3

{Amanda Nisbet}




I love spaces that are glamorous and feminine…

renovation style

{Renovation Style}

dining room elle decor april 2010 - Copy



…yet I absolutely love perfectly tailored, edited rooms with a masculine twist.

ron marvin

{Ron Marvin}

kitchen tommy smythe2

{Tommy Smythe}

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