Masculine vs. Feminine Style through the Eyes of a Spanish Designer

olga lopez de vera3

I love how perfectly Spanish designer, Olga López de Vera has defined these children’s rooms. The little girl’s room shown above is the picture of young femininity. You have French-inspired furniture, a fun loft with a kitchen and garden, flowers, butterflies, and lots of pink! My favorite thing about this sweet room is the darling dining table. I love the furniture and the fact that Olga included a pink banquette along with the French-inspired chairs. I would have been in heaven if this had been my room at age six.

olga lopez de vera

This little boy’s room is the complete antithesis of the girl’s room from before. As we get older, we mix feminine pieces with masculine ones, but it seems that those aesthetic differences are most clearly defined when we are children. I actually find this nautical-inspired boy’s room to be quite chic. I love the dark wood paired with the palette of navy and ivory. The shape of the bunk beds is refreshing and the overall effect is rather sweet.


{Images Courtesy of Olga López de Vera}

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