Fabulous Room Friday 12.10.10

I was just looking through Mary McDonald’s new book again the other day and I kept going back to this glamorous sitting room, which is located just off the designer’s bedroom. Ever since the space was first published in Domino a few years ago, it seems the bedroom has gotten all the love, while the sitting area hasn’t received as much attention. This room did something for me that most other rooms have not been able to. It made me love blue. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like blue just fine, although I must admit, I do love it’s cousins turquoise and teal. Anyhow, when it comes to pure, unadulterated blue without mixing in any shades of green, this is the first space that has made me truly contemplate decorating with blue. The rich navy is such a deep shade that it appears warm rather than cold, like most blues. I also like the fact that McDonald paired the rich, blue hue with an ultra-bright pink and some gilded touches. The gold makes a huge difference. When rooms are decorated with cool blue hues and silver accents they seem so cold to me, whereas this has the opposite effect. Brava Mary!

Don’t forget, we are giving away a copy of Mary’s new book along with several other fabulous gifts on the High Gloss Happenings page! Bon weekend!

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