Dream Home: Sketch 42


After doing the “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” series for over a year (thanks to all of you who participated and to those who read the series so faithfully), it is time for a new series to come to fruition on La Dolce Vita. You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I created a post about what my dream home would look like, using images from various designers and magazines. The post seemed to resonate with a lot of you (who doesn’t love dreaming up plans for a gorgeous home?) and I decided to invite some of my fellow bloggers to share their ideal homes with you in the new “Dream Home” series that will be published every Tuesday on La Dolce Vita. First up, we have the stylish and hilarious Nicole of Sketch 42. Enjoy!

Hello Everyone!

I am loving Paloma's latest idea for a guest series- THE DREAM HOME! ... Choosing my alltime favorites hasnt been easy, but here is a collection of rooms I would love to live in!

The exterior...Yummy white house with a huge porch.

Please join me in the lovely foyer

{Windsor Smith}

Should we have a drink in one of our few libraries before dinner? I'll go get the snacks from the kitchen:

{Miles Redd}

Cause we have two libraries. Any little in between room, we turned into a library, because we love books and dark sexy rooms.

{Lonny JK Place}{Badgley Mishka's place in Elle Decor}

Walk through this hallway to get to the other side of the house:

This is our den/chilling room. {My own photos from Kips Bay - by Aman and Carson}

Or we could sit in the living room... its pretty beautiful in there too.

{Home of Oprah's Producer, by Nate Berkus, Elle Decor}

We have a formal dining room, but this little table in the living room is our favorite place to eat.

{My own photo from the Designer Visions at The Setai 5th Avenue by Richard Hallberg for Veranda and based on the movie Wall Street.}

A sexy guest room... Feel free to sleep over:

{Ryan Korban}

Or you could sleep in my room... (PS this is my actual bedroom!){My bed!}I’m really messy... but I love my closet:

{Windsor Smith}

Since this is my own imaginary house... I gave it tons of sexy little sitting areas. My favorite type of rooms. All I have ever wanted is a library, so I gave this house two! (I don’t know why we don’t have any bathrooms... I guess in my imagination we have no bodily functions!)

I hope you enjoyed my imaginary house tour and I hope one day I have a house this awesome!

Thanks for having me Paloma- What a fun little exercise!

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