Dream Home: Sacramento Street

Today’s “Dream Home” comes from the imagination of the lovely Caitlin of Sacramento Street. Given Caitlin’s classic, European-inspired style and romantic sensibility, I had a hunch that we were in for a dreamy home! Sacramento Street
When Paloma emailed me about doing a post on my dream home my first thought was - of course, this should be an easy guest post . . . I was wrong. Scouring my favorite blogs for rooms I loved was enlightening and opened my eyes - I can tell you one thing, if I had to build a house right now, I would have too many ideas. Alas, I picked one direction I would go with and it's a more rustic look with a touch of modern.
Welcome to my home . . .
I'm a city girl through and through, but sometimes I daydream about living in the country with a huge garden. There's something so peaceful about living just a few miles away from a big city.
As you walk into my living room you'll notice the high ceilings. Every single house I grew up in had incredibly high ceilings - it makes a home feel so much bigger.
I've always been one to hang out in my kitchen or nook. As a child, I did my homework in the kitchen while my mom cooked dinner. Now, when we have people over for dinner or cocktails we always find ourselves in the kitchen chatting away. It's imperative that I have a large kitchen just for that reason alone, plus I love to cook.
I'm all about neutrals in bedrooms - crisp white sheets and clean linens. Anything that brings me tranquility is a must for my bedroom.
The moment I laid eyes on this bathroom I fell in love. The concrete floors, beautiful bathtub and the design are dream-worthy - this is definitely being saved for when I actually have my own home. The last space I bring you is my office - I currently have glass french doors like this in my apartment and I would love to have them in my future home, they add character. A space to call my own to work and blog would be amazing . . . one day!
Paloma, thank you so much for having me here today. This was such a fun guest post!
xx, Caitlin
Photos: 1. dress, design, decor via Verada 2 - 4. Morten Holtum 5 & 6. dress, design, decor via Elle Decor 7 & 8. french by design 9 . Paul Costello 10. Amanda Toril

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