10 Things I Can’t Live Without: A Diary of Lovely

A Diary of Lovely

Helena is the super sweet and stylish blogger behind the London-based, A Diary of Lovely. She muses daily on her love of interior design, fashion, and travel, so it is only natural that it is one of my favorite blogs!

I'm beyond excited to be here today sharing my 10 things. Paloma is flawless in everything she does so I'm honored to be part of this fun series. Thanks, Paloma!

1. My Family, Mum, boyfriend and friends. I wouldn't really be anything without them. Their support, smiles, friendship, advices means the world to me.
2. Blogs: Who am I kidding, blogs are an absolute basic in my life. They are  the food that keeps me alive! This is a small selection of my daily reads.
3. My laptop & Iphone: Poor old fella has just suffered a bad accident and is sick but he is my good companion anywhere I go. My Iphone keeps me updated on the go, a must if like me and all of us love social media.
4. Scented candles: There is something utterly romantic about them, must be the scent and the light.
5. Cakes, cupcakes and chocolate: Forever and ever.
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6. Diet coke: 2 a day, please. I should cut it down but unfortunately I don't want to.
7. Books: I love many many genres, from thrillers, to chick lit, books are my way to travel to untouchable worlds.
8. Travel: Is there anything best that discover the beauties of the world?
9. A relaxing bedroom: A sanctuary to retreat after a long day, in mine I have all my favorite stuff and I love to lay in my bed and enjoy some relaxing time.
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10. Clothes and Shoes: French Sole, Louboutin, Anthropologie, high and low, fashion makes me happy!
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