I die: Rachel Zoe in Harper’s Bazaar

{“Dial M for Minimal” with Francisco Costa}

Harper’s Bazaar consistently does an amazing job of creating original concepts for their fashion editorials. This time around, they’ve taken Rachel Zoe’s signature phrase, “I die!”, which she uses when swooning over haute couture or celebrity clients like Demi Moore, and created a fabulous concept inspired by classic Hollywood movies and iconic American designers portraying what would happen if Zoe really did die as a consequence of fashion. Which is your favorite? I love them all, but am partial to the Brian Atwood and Michael Kors pictures!

{“Bad Hair Day” with Marc Jacobs}

{“Pick Your Poison” with Vera Wang}

{“Death by Stiletto” with Brian Atwood}

{“She’s in the Bag” with Michael Kors}



Image Credits: Harper’s Bazaar and Ohnotheydidn’t

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