10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Laura of Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Laura Trevey’s blog, Bright, Bold, and Beautiful has the ideal name. Just about everything Laura posts about whether it relates to interiors, entertaining, or art, can be described with these lovely adjectives. I love that Laura’s zest for life and positivity is reflected in her blog. She is also a very talented artist, creating beautiful watercolor paintings inspired by her love of nature and the beach.

When Paloma so graciously asked me to be a part of her fabulous series, I had a whirlwind of ideas pop into my head. All things Bright, Bold, and Beautiful, of course!

1. My painting brings me so much joy and happiness.... it is my therapy and peace. Art Studio/ Watercolor Painting

2. Family and Friends gathering together for a wonderful meal. Outdoors especially!

Beautiful Table Setting

3. Bright and Beautiful colors! This is one of my favorite photos...

Bright and Beautiful

4. Vacations in Boca Raton! This is the view from our condo... sigh... I will be there soon!

  Boca Raton

5. ... oh, and Nantucket too! Can you tell that I am a beach lover?

Nantucket Summers

6. Sunshine and Smiles

Sunshine and Smiles

7. Beautiful flowers and Vintage books...

Beautiful bouquet and Vintage books

8. Inspirational Interiors... I love using Mirrors!

Using Mirrors

9. Anything Nautical... Are you getting the picture? Someday I will live by the water...


10. Finally, I love attending really fun weddings!!

Fun Weddings


Thank you Paloma for including me in this wonderful series. It was a lot of fun!

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