Fabulous Room Friday 07.09.10

summer heckman7

Today’s Fabulous Room belongs to Ethan Feirstein and Ari Heckman, whose New York home was featured in the latest issue of Lonny. While the one-bedroom is a small space, it is packed with style. For example, I love the collected, masculine look of the pieces in the picture above. Be sure to notice the Greek Key trim on the chair. I also love the bold, abstract painting and maps.

For the record, I love zebra print. I think it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and enduring graphic prints in existence. However, real zebra hide rugs creep me out. There is just something about seeing the poor animal’s mane and holes where the eyes once were that feels wrong to me. Yes, I eat meat and wear leather, but there’s something about using one of nature’s most beautiful creatures as a rug that doesn’t quite jive for me. I just had to say it.

summer heckman6 {I adore the combination of orange and brown pillows used on the window seat. Gorgeous!}

summer heckman5

{You guys know that I love a good bookcase! In a world where some people seem to collect books for purely aesthetic purposes, it is refreshing to see a collection that looks as though it has actually been read!}


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am still missing Barcelona and getting back into the rhythm of my regular life. Be sure to check back next week because I will be sharing pictures and details from my trip to my new favorite city.


Image Credit: Patrick Cline for Lonny

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