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{A Cheery Summer Arrangement Captured by Max Wanger}

I was completely flattered and pleasantly surprised this weekend, when the incredibly lovely and talented, Anisha Lakhani published the sweetest, most generous write-up about La Dolce Vita on her very well-written blog, Back to A. Anisha is the New York Scene Editor for PinkMemo, as well as a freelance journalist and published author.

{Anisha’s Novel, Schooled}

I recently read her novel, Schooled, a simultaneously hilarious and alarming tale of teaching and tutoring students from the most exclusive private schools on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Schooled has received praise from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and People Magazine among others. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and as a former teacher and tutor, I was able to relate on so many levels, though admittedly, on a less grand scale. Manhattan is a completely different animal! It is incredibly flattering to know that someone as fabulous and accomplished as Anisha is a fan of my blog.

{Anisha and her super handsome pup, Harold Moscowitz}

Anisha is a fellow dog lover and pointed out that my dog, Tate deserves to have an official title. So, what should we call my little guy? Resident Cutie? Cuteness Ambassador? Any ideas?

{My Sweet Tate}

Thanks for the kind words, Anisha!

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