Charming Calligraphy

{Gorgeous Calligraphy by Love, Jenna}

I absolutely love beautiful handwriting. I know that heartfelt, handwritten notes are becoming more of a rarity these days, but the only thing nicer than a handwritten note, is a beautifully written or addressed one. Typically reserved for special correspondence, like wedding invitations, calligraphy has a way of making the recipient feel special. There are a few calligraphy artists who create custom stamps to give even the most ordinary correspondence a special touch. I would love to take a calligraphy class some time and admire those who have a gift for this art, such as the artists featured in this post.


 Love, Jenna’s gorgeous designs have been featured in publications like Real Simple and Martha Stewart Weddings. In addition, Jenna has had several high-profile clients including Anthropologie, Balenciaga, Daily Candy, and Hallmark Cards. Is it any wonder? Her designs are at once whimsical, elegant, and charming.

{Gorgeous Hand-Addressed Envelopes by Love, Jenna}

{How charming is this?}


calligraphy3 I simply adore Emilie Friday’s calligraphy. Every flourish, every stroke is so beautiful and elegant. Emilie creates a variety of products including custom logos, hand-addressed envelopes, and custom return address stamps, all of which are absolutely gorgeous!

emilie friday logo2

{Custom Logo by Emilie Friday}

emilie friday logo3

{Another Custom Logo by Emilie Friday…Opulent is right!}

emilie friday2

{How lovely is this hand-addressed envelope by Emilie? I love that the writing was applied at an angle. The “font” is out of this world! Someone please mail me something that looks like this!}

emilie friday stamp4

{A Custom Return Address Stamp by Emilie Friday}


calligraphy2 Robyn Love features a variety of calligraphy services in her etsy shop including wedding stationery, hand-addressing, and rubber stamps. However, I am head over heels for these custom water color maps. I would have loved to have done this for my wedding nearly five years ago. They are not only beautiful, but have such a special, personal quality.

{How I love San Francisco! Isn’t this lovely?}

{Is it strange that this little map makes me even more excited for our upcoming trip to New Orleans?}


calligraphy Lettergirl has been a favorite of a few bloggers for the past year or so and I can certainly see why. Her designs are charming and whimsical. Lettergirl specializes in custom rubber stamps which are perfect for adding a special touch to your everyday correspondence.

Wedding Vintage Address Stamp (Wood Handle)

{My favorite is the Wedding Vintage Address Stamp.}

Left of Center Address Stamp (Self-Inking)

{The Left of Center Address Stamp is perfect for nearly every occasion!}


Ingrid Address Stamp (Self-inking)

{The Fun and Feminine Ingrid Address Stamp}


I hope this post will encourage you to send a handwritten note to someone in the near future!

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