Bringing Home the Birkin

I was recently given a book recommendation by my friend, Betty who said she had just read the most wonderful book about a man who traveled the world buying ultra covetable Herm├Ęs Birkin bags. Intrigued, I asked if it was fiction and she told me it was actually a memoir. A few days later, my copy of Bringing Home the Birkin arrived from Amazon. I was instantly smitten! Not only does the book tell the story of a clever and enterprising man who makes a career of securing some of the world’s most sought-after luxury goods for his clients, it is also incredibly well-written, charming, and funny. Author Michael Tonello truly has a gift for story-telling.


{Anatomy of A Birkin Illustration by Muntsa Vicente}

Tonello starts off by recounting his sudden move from Massachusetts to Barcelona. What started off as a way to make some quick money eventually becomes an incredibly lucrative career when Michael cracks the formula for purchasing a Birkin without having to put his name on the dreaded two year waiting list. Along the way, he meets a couple of mentors, women with very expensive Birkin addictions (one character purchases multiple crocodile Birkins at a time), and some unsavory characters. Bringing Home the Birkin is a fun, enjoyable read that is bound to appeal to fashionistas and anyone who loves a great travel story. If you are looking for a fun read, I would highly recommend this fabulous book!

{The Allure of the Birkin as told by Michael Tonello with a clip from Sex and the City}

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